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    "American Psycho" audio drama. [Open]

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    "American Psycho" audio drama. [Open] Empty "American Psycho" audio drama. [Open]

    Post by Film Harvest on Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:15 pm

    Hey. Hi. I work at this place - my basement, really - called Film Harvest. We've made a crap ton of stuff, on moving pictures, and want to start our own line of audio
    dramas on CD and cassette. 8 track. Vinyl. Laserdisc?

    But securing rights is hard. And making money on a man stabbing some hooker with his penis is illegal. And everyone's already got dibs on all the free stuff. Not really. That was a lie, we just really want to adapt this book. It's good.

    So here's some opening auditions to enact a single scene from the novel, already scripted, ready to shoot. Or record. Yeah, record. We're going to do a short scene at first to present to all my rich dentist friends so we can get more money and actually pay some actors and a foley crew. So it's not just me and, like, eleven friends. And my mom.

    I won't give any direction with these excerpts because I want to see what each person does with the material. Each quote will represent another end of the emotional spectrum from the other, for each respective character. I will give scene direction, though, to be helpful. And to sound smart.

    Please send all auditions in a format of some kind to my email: danebckr@gmail.com . Anyone sending in an audition where I can hear popping
    every time you say a "p" word will automatically be laughed at by I and my peers. You may do either one line, or the other, or both. Not a monologue from Don Quixote in the character's voice. Dumb.

    So here we go:

    "American Psycho" audio drama. [Open] Patrick_bateman_americanpsycho_by_daenerys_mod-d32uuxf1
    Patrick Bateman (M. 27)

    Scene: Patrick is at dinner with Paul Owen, a Yale-bred VP of the same firm.

    "Owen is wearing a double-breasted silk and linen suit, a cotton shirt and a silk tie,
    all by Joseph Abboud, and his tan is impeccable. But he's out of it tonight, surprisingly untalkative, and his dourness drizzles over my jovial, expectant mood, dampening it considerably."

    Scene: Patrick has just gotten an extremely drunken Owen to follow him back to his
    apartment. He's saying these things openly, as Paul Owen rambles
    on about a trip in the Bahamas.

    "I’ve got a few lines back at my place. They’re in my bathroom, next to some c***’s
    Beat. "My life is a living hell, and there are many more people I want to, ah, murder."

    "American Psycho" audio drama. [Open] 500full
    Paul Owen (M. Late 20s)[/size]

    Scene: Owen's at the inception of a night of binge drinking as he berates a waiter
    over the specialty of a restaurant he's never set foot in.

    "You think I come in to a dump like this normally? Wearing this suit? You could at least have your specials in stock for customers like me, you’re lucky I’m in
    here at all."

    Scene: Owen is full on wasted at this point, going about the same trip he's been going on about since the beginning of dinner.

    "Well, Marcus let me tell you. Let me tell you, for the active vacationer there is
    mountain climbing, cave exploring, sailing, horseback riding, white water river rafting-"

    "American Psycho" audio drama. [Open] User-9042433_1175069797
    Detective John Kimball (M. Late 20s)
    (note: John Kimball is young - 20's, like Bateman - in both our play and the
    novel,you just cant find a picture not involving the movie and
    William Defoe)

    Scene: Detective Kimball begins his questioning on a very nervous looking Patrick Bateman.

    "I’ve been hired privately by the family of Mister Owen and I just need to cover some
    basic questions. For my file."
    Beat. "About Paul Owen. About yourself."

    Scene: Detective Kimball fends off repeated requests of refreshment for a nervous
    Patrick Bateman.

    "No, really. I’m okay." Beat. "I just have a few questions then I’ll be on my way-" Interrupted. Beat. "Are you alright Mister Bateman? You seem... nervous."

    "American Psycho" audio drama. [Open] 500full
    Jean (F. Early 30s)

    Scene: Jean intercoms an already agitated Bateman about a detective
    wating for conference with the young executive.

    "Um, Patrick?"
    Beat. "Patrick, a Mr. Donald Kimball is
    here to see you."
    Beat. "A
    detective Kimball, Patrick."

    Scene: After Bateman tells her to inform the detective that he's at lunch, which he is not, Jean has to fend him off with a man of the law staring
    at her back.

    "Patrick, I think he knows
    you’re hear. And it’s nine-thirty."

    Various side characters for this short are available as well, and will most likely be passed out to whoever didn't make the main cast. So everyone's a winner, so audition away! What's there to lose? Except dignity, cause you'll be in a thing where a man kills things. Horrifically.


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