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    So I write books and stuff...


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    So I write books and stuff... Empty So I write books and stuff...

    Post by Ragnarok_Vorkel on Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:28 am

    I am writing three books at the moment. Here are their synopsis:

    Candlestick [meant to be one word on purpose]
    - Xevas Lamphandle is an adult who serves the queen as her royal guard. He attends the offerings ceremony every sunday. But one day a woman named Avorash comes and asks for an item of hers that the queen stole to be returned. She is promised it if she can provide an exchange. Avorash and Xevas quest for this item as it is ordered by the queen that he help her get it. When they return and Avorash gets her item back, she slaughters the queen. Avorash is actually the dreaded Kalthor the Fallen. Kalthor disintegrates the town, literally, and a rage-filled Xevas tries to extract revenge. He comes across Vergiss Nicht, god himself who has fallen too. Levilan Nicht, Lucifer, feels remorse for Xevas and offers him a safe place in hell, a place that is more beautiful than heaven itself. Levilan assists Xevas to try and kill god; but first, he must find the object Candlestick, a candle stick of mythical powers not known but it will surely aid him as he ventures.

    The One Who Wept For Ragnarok
    - In a time beyond the dawn of time, the Norse gods reigned: Joro, Odin, Thor, Loki, and the rest. Loki causing mischief has put everyone on edge in 534 AD Scandinavia. With everyone on edge since Thor was born, everyone started acting oddly. Everyone started fighting. In mythology Ragnarok is the day the gods massacre each other, but in this story, Ragnarok, a young individual, sits in his cave. He watches time go by as he thinks of how depressing life is in general. He has a fling with Odins lover Joro to get close to the gods. He then comes up with a plan - kill everyone and create the perfect homicide. He sends Loki to stir up a mess and when the final day of judgement arrives, can Joro and everyone weep enough tears to melt his iced heart?

    The Vaginal Vortex; A Novella Of The Nether-Dimension Inside Us All [Practically a Pulp fictionxFinalFantasy type of book]

    - The year is 2204 and Vanguard [Wolfy] Saizkan, a German born and his best friend Viktor Vesterbalts, a Russian attend their daily ritual of life in University. Everything in the future is pretty much the same as it is now except every five years in one spot on the planet, the earths magnetic field seems to be focusing on one spot in particular. This year, by happenstance, it is in Scandinavia as it is near the North Pole. In Physics class Wolfy learns that a vortex to other dimensions has been rumored to pop up. He befriends a lady named Austocra Fannelin who aids them on their search but when they discover the secret of a woman's vagina, it does not go their way in the end.

    What do you think? They sound good or would you prefer a sample?

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